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Expert Commercial Contracting Services - Professional office remodeling project in Dodge County, showcasing our skilled construction team's craftsmanship. We specialize in transforming commercial spaces to meet your business needs. Contact us today for top-notch construction, commercial contractor and remodeling services.

Common Questions

What Would You Like to Know?

Do you work alone or with subcontractors?

We work individually and also subcontract out mechanicals so we can focus on the entire project. 

What are your financing options?

Each project has a different timeline for payments. The general contractor will discuss this on a case by case basis before the start of a project. 

We do not take card payments at this time. 

How is Kamps Building and Remodeling different from its competitors?

We pride ourselves on our 20 years experience. Our main goal is to source quality materials and provide exceptional work. We have an extensive network of subcontractors. We take the jobs most other companies won't. We figure out a way to get it done! 

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